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Mecha Rápida / Quick Waterproof Fuse, 10m


  • Mecha Rápida Quick Fuse
    Mecha Rápida Quick Fuse
Código de Producto:   XP1007
Disponibilidad:   en stock

Mecha rápida, largueza 10 m.



Quick waterproof match fuse  is extremely useful to use when connecting fireworks for a display.  Quick match is black match that has been fitted with a loose paper "pipe" in order to force hot gases forward to accelerate the burning speed.  It is used in all professional fireworks displays.
It's main purpose is to ignite dozens or hundreds of fireworks at virtually the same instant. Due to quick match's incredibly fast burn rate, the fuse will only burn for a fraction of a second, so it is extremely important to make sure that enough of its powder core is exposed to easily take fire. In all cases, a short visco fuse or an eMatch is used to ignite the quick match rather than lighting it directly with a torch.

1 piece of 10 m length in the package.

Dimensión (cm) largueza 10 m
Neto del contenido explosivo 3,55 g /m
Categoría P1
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